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Ultimate Sandbags

The Ultimate sandbag is the most important part of functional training at FMPT, the anagram DVRT stands for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training. This system helps to build muscle, strengthen joints and burn fat in a workout that tests you both physically and mentally. Focusing on the natural movements of the body, Ultimate sandbags are a large and important component of what is offered at FMPT.

Functional Training

Functional training is categorised as exercises which allows individuals to perform the day to day basic movements of life pain free. Using a combination of kettlebells, sandbags and more the aim is to help strengthen your core muscles in turn recruiting more of your stabilising muscles that will help ease the strain of everyday life. Some of the benefits of functional training include, greater flexibility and coordination and improved posture and balance.

Mark has lived in Ocean Grove for the past 12 years with his wife Barbra and 4 children Joshua, Zoe, Mia and Franky. He has strong ties to the local sporting community, coaching junior football and basketball teams. After playing Amateur football for 20 years Mark began to break down from injury repeatedly and wasn’t content with the old saying “you’re getting old”. Mark had always enjoyed the gym and fitness as a complement to sport, but after a knee operation Mark sought out a different way to train which led him to 4Ever Fitness with Master Instructor Cameron Ward.

Through functional training and the utilisation of DVRT (Dynamic variable resistance training) Ultimate Sandbags Mark saw great improvements in his fitness and injury recovery. This completely changed how Mark saw fitness and training, to a method of looking at the body as a whole rather than parts in isolation. He saw the benefits of functional training, and a term Mark loves “fitness for  everyday life”. This not only altered Mark’s thoughts on training but his career path, being a stay at home dad and completing part time study in his 4th year of Psychology, Mark began to find the study days became more about research on the human body and training methods. He enrolled and completed Personal Training studies with VFA in Geelong and upon completion created Forward Momentum PT.

Mark still trains regularly in a variety of methods not just for his own fitness but for ongoing education to offer the best fitness service to his clients. Mark completes regular ongoing courses and attends seminars and conferences both interstate and locally to keep on top of the fitness trends and ideas in Australia. He enjoys competing in events such as Spartan and marathon racing, having recently completed the Bright trifecta and Great Ocean Road 1/2 Marathon. In 2019 Mark completed the NYCM

Mark holds a wide array of qualifications each of importance to offer a valuable service:

  • Certificate III and IV in Personal Training from VFA
  • Level 1 Certified Ultimate Sandbag coach
  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology
  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Registered member of Fitness Australia
  • Current CPR and Provide First Aid
  • Current Working with Children Check